About Us


Forte Group has been developing and building iconic, design driven multi- residential and commercial projects since its inception in 2014. This group is privately owned by a strong, dedicated and energetic management team.

The Benchmark

Forte Group envisages itself as a benchmark for quality construction and urban developments within the building industry. We concentrate on developing quality living environments that promote sustainable lifestyles, with vibrant social areas for stimulating community interaction.


Our Company

Forte Group’s attention to details and precision workmanship is on display in all of its projects, no matter big or small. Forte focused on being Generation Y leader in property and building industry, raising the bar on quality, ethics and customer satisfaction.

Forte Group conducts a full-service end-to-end solution throughout the project life cycle. Assisting clients in their portfolio growth, including investment management, project planning, development management, design management, feasibility studies, land acquisition, construction, project marketing and coordination with after sales services.

Forte Sydney Fund Mangement

Forte Sydney Fund Management is the major funding resource for Forte Property Group projects. It connected with wealthy investors all over the world. Our funding consultants have great knowledge in Australia property market and can provide innovative financial & tax advice to our international based clients to assist their portfolio growth.

With Forte Capital support, Forte group had been successfully acquired more than 500 million assets under the current management. Meanwhile, Forte Capital well connected with Australia local funders and major banks which had provided our clients and partners with the best customized local financial services and leverage returns.

Forte Sydney Management

Forte Sydney Management is the foundation for what we have achieved within the group so far. We provided trusted and expert assistance on: feasibility study, project management, design management and construction management which are essential for creating an award winning and profitable development. Our management across multiple stages of property development had been given us a unique knowledge bank of practical experience, saving you on project costs and increasing realizable benefits.

Forte Sydney Management has a passionate and experienced team who are highly skilled in managing and reporting about the cost of a project, giving clients peace of mind about what a project will cost well in advance of project physically started. Forte Sydney Management also works closely with LJ Construction Link to ensure buildability had been well designed and every design has been followed correctly within budget and time limits.

Forte Sydney Construction

Forte Sydney Construction Pty Ltd was established to serve developers and property purchasers achieving outstanding results in line with their highest needs. Forte Sydney Construction specializes in building a variety of construction projects, such as stand-alone houses, town houses, multi-stories residential flat buildings, and commercial properties.

We add value to Forte Property Group by working together with Forte New Management and Forte Realty by being able to engage with clients early in the project process, thus improving the project with our understanding of the construction process and how to incorporate build-ability and safety into a project for greater efficiency and control in terms of construction program and project budget. Again, with an early understanding of our end users, we can improve our building with greater clients’ satisfaction.

On every project, we use cost-effective, sustainable construction methods and innovative thinking to meet our clients’ needs while preserving and protecting resources and causing less pollution and waste for future generations.

Forte Realty

Forte Realty sells exclusively for Forte Group, therefore the sales professionals are intimately involved in every Forte Group project at each stage of the development cycle. Forte Realty also has an experienced sales team, with over 20 years of combined experience in real estate sales. As property experts we are best placed to understand the needs of both Australian and Chinese property investors.

The team are highly skilled at building relationships with both property investors and future owner-occupiers. A Forte Realty property adviser will not only be able to show buyers detailed information on future projects, they will also give buyers the ability to touch and appreciated the exact interior, kitchen, bathroom finishes and fittings planned for their acquisition via our walkthrough display suites.

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